Insuright Employee Benefits Limited was formed on 16 April 1985. Insuright Employee Benefits Limited, Insubest Financial & MPF Planning Limited, and Insuright Insurance Brokers Limited together form the Insuright Brokers Group. The history of the Insuright Brokers Group can be traced back to 1971 when Insubest Limited was incorporated on 22 October 1971 in Hong Kong. Thereafter, the business of the Group grew rapidly. Apart from setting up the Insuright Employee Benefits Limited, the Group also formed the Insuright Insurance Brokers Limited and re-named Insubest Limited as Insubest Financial & MPF Planning Limited.

Each member company of the Group has its expertise and focus of service. The Group commits its best resources to provide the best quality of service to meet client needs.

Insuright Employee Benefits Limited is a member of The Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers since 11 February 1993. We are authorized to provide all lines of insurance services. Our focus is on serving corporate clients for medical insurance scheme, life and disability insurance scheme, and personal accident insurance scheme.

Insuright Employee Benefits Limited has good knowledge of the market and has access to multi insurance carriers and product providers to meet expectation of both individual and corporate clients. We are not tied to any one of these providers as we are providing unbiased advice and services to our clients. Since 1985, we have developed a client base with loyal customers, a long history of proven track records of service satisfaction.




保宜福利顧問有限公司以其豐富的市場經驗,能為各大機構及個人客戶選擇最適合的保險公司或產品。我們是獨立顧問,為客戶服務時,提供不偏不倚的專業意見,自一九八五年起,我們擁有長久的忠心客戶及 歷史悠久的良好服務記錄。